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It’s a giant leap for the Legal sphere – pioneering into the digitization of a comprehensive Legal Planning Solution

Unifying legal systems with an
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Empowering people with the basic and essential legal services for free Achieving end-to-end execution of legal needs
Partnering with multiple entities to guide users for various legal needs

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Think of the specific legal need you need fulfilled, and contact us. We’ll get back to you with the solutions that can be offered by us at Legal Copy. (Or point you in the right direction if it’s out of our scope)


Upon deciding the Legal Copy service(s) you wish to start with, we’ll get on a call to finalize details, to personalize the various aspects of the service(s) according to your needs. Get on a group call with other parties if needed. (in case of Will, Final testament etc)


Once the basic essentials are understood by our team, and both sides are on the page, we will share necessary resources and essential information to get you started. (Such as templates for a Will, laws unique to your state that you should consider etc)


Once we receive the documents/media/files related to the service chosen, we’ll have the content verified by our legal team. Once everything is in order, the documents are signed if necessary and given the final nod. (in case of Wills & other legal docs)


The final and crucial step to it all, is to secure your files in your Personal digital vault. Because your Legacy took time to perfect, and it is only fairy to protect it with all we have. (You get to choose the level of security based on the importance of what you wish to store)

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Basic Services are Free to all

Paid services will be offered at zero cost for low-income individuals/families – which will be made available upon application.